Carbide Cutting Tools

To fulfill the demands of "High Precision, High Speed and High Efficiency" in the modern metal-working industry, HSC focus in development of carbide end mills branded as HSC, the cutting tools are widely applied to industries like Automobile, Aviation, Hi

Manufacturer:HeYe & Summit Tools Co., Ltd.
Contact Person:Sales DepartmentOrigin:Shijiazhuang, Hebei

Equiped by German CNC Tools Grinders and Measuring Machine, HSC makes standard & nonstandard carbide cutting tools - which makes a historical leap forward from normal high speed steel cutting tools to precision carbide cutting tools to fulfill the demands of  "high prcision, high speed and High efficiency"  requested by the morden industry. These tools are widely used in the automotive, aeropspace, high speed train, shipyard and defence industries.



Φ1.0mm - Φ25.0mm

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